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Baby.M – Baby M

Baby M
~ Baby.M
CD (2010/6/30)

1. opening
2. Dream come true
3. キミと ~強く儚い者たち~
4. On My Way
5. Free (produced by STUDIO APARTMENT)
6. Bhuti feat.BOY-KEN ~Ndihamba Nawe~
7. I am
8. あなたがいるから
9. もっと…
10. Never find your way
11. Tough To Love
12. Get Ready feat.童子-T & MANDOZA -Special Tracks-
13. Free (produced by STUDIO APARTMENT) -Special Tracks-
14. Bhuti feat.BOY-KEN ~Ndihamba Nawe~ -Special Tracks-




One response

  1. Beatriche

    Long time no hear them. But it’s wonderful album! Thanx!!!

    June 29, 2010 at 7:43 am

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